A Study of the Biblical Flood


A Study Of The Biblical Flood is true to its title. This volume is an investigation of the causes and effects of the Genesis Flood.
Marion Fox received his Baccalaureate and Doctorate Degrees from Oklahoma State University. He received his Masters Degree and Advanced Certificate in Electrical Engineering Technology from the University of Illinois. His majors are in: Electronic Engineering Technology, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, Physics, and Education.
With 23 years experience as a professor in electronic engineering technology, mathematics, and physics he understands research. With full research facilities, the author utilizes them to the utmost.
The author is a faithful preacher of the gospel, a respected professor at Rose State College in Midwest City, Oklahoma, and is director of Oklahoma City School of Biblical Studies. He is qualified in both the biblical and the scientific realms to write on this subject.
Plausible and probable causes involved in the effects of the Flood are clearly and forcefully presented by the author. His incisive manner of dealing with the difficult is refreshing.
Although there are many volumes dealing with the Genesis Flood, most of them leave several unanswered questions. This volume offers the answers.
The author makes interesting uses of arguments advanced by evolutionists and atheists. Trained in logic, the author uses sound and true arguments.
Many attempts have been made to explain some effects of the Flood such as frozen animals with fresh plants in their mouths. Marion Fox offers the most probable cause for this effect ever read by this penman.
Answers offered in this volume agree with Scripture, science, and are logically correct. We are convinced that multitudes will rejoice when they observe the simplicity and soundness of the trenchant arguments offered in this volume.
Although science and scientific arguments are used freely by Marion Fox, he writes in simple enough terms that serious students can easily understand and appreciate this book.
Many of the volumes dealing with the Genesis Flood have a well deserved place in the affections of Bible believing people. It is our conviction that A Study In The Biblical Flood will take its place alongside the very best of the others, if not surpassing them all.
This volume deserves the most widespread use possible by those who wish to better understand the biblical account of the Genesis Flood. Our sincere wish is that all lovers of Truth diligently read it.
Charles A. Pledge
Sheridan, Wyoming
August 21, 1997