The Role of Women, Vol. I


This volume of the Role of Women in the church is the product of a great amount of study and research. This study is very important and vital to the church for which Christ died. The material within this volume and the volumes to come should serve as source books for those interested in the truth on the role of women in the church. Our author, Marion Fox, has given a lot of time and thought in his search for the truth on this subject. He has been asked to defend what he believes the Bible says on this subject. With this volume and the ones to come you will have his defense.

As you study these pages, search the Bible, the Greek, and the grammar you will see that brother Fox has taught the truth. Brother Fox has an in-depth knowledge of New Testament Greek and Logic. As one reads and studies these works of brother Fox they will note the use of both these disciplines to aid the student in a search for truth. This work and the works to follow will be well documented so that the student can see for himself/herself the truth. It is my conviction, after having the privilege to read and search what brother Fox has written, that he has presented the truth on this subject.

On a personal note, I have never met a man like our brother, Marion Fox. He has a great desire to know and understand the Bible. He digs deeper into the Word of God more than any man that I have known. This work and the ones to follow will be an excellent reference work for all who want to study this subject. Have you ever wanted to go back and study Greek? Have you ever wanted to study Greek grammar and syntax? Have you ever wanted to study Logic? The works of our brother, Marion Fox, will light that fire.

Bobby Gayton

March 5, 2006