The Role of Women, Vol. II


It is an honor to be asked to write the foreword to this work. It has been my privilege to come to know Marion Fox. His writings reveal a man who is humble, mild mannered, and a caring man. His example shows that growth in the Christian life is an ever increasing process. He is a Christian who is willing to change when his search for the truth necessitates it. He is willing to listen to those who read and study his materials and make corrections if the evidence is presented to him.


Brother Fox is a serious student of the Greek Text, Greek Grammar and Syntax, and Logic. He is a masterful teacher whose exegetical skills are seen in all of his writings. He has prepared himself well to undertake this subject that is causing so much havoc in the Lord’s church. His writings have encouraged me to be a more serious student of Logic, the Greek Grammar and Syntax, and the Greek Text.


The book that you hold in your hands is a scholarly, in-depth treatment of the work of women in the Lord’s church. This book is a reflection of diligent study. The works of Marion Fox are not only a treatment of the subject under consideration but also the application of hermeneutics, logic, Greek grammar, and syntax.


Brother Fox statement, “that the righteous man (dikaios) will honor the laws that he knows and the holy man (hosios) will look deeper into the Scriptures to learn the gist of the Scriptures on any subject,” is true.


This book and the other works of brother Fox are needed in every congregation’s and Christian’s library. I recommend this well written and scholarly work without reservation.


Bobby D. Gayton 

January 25, 2006