The Great Commission

1 What is The Great Commission? 1
2 Historical interpreations of The Great Commission 11
3 The necessity of preaching the gospel to the whole world 51
4 Various interpretations of The Great Commission 63
5 Principles of hermeneutics that are important in interpretation of the passages relating to The Great Commission 82
6 The main arguments to prove that the Great Commission is for all people 102
7 Consideration of other passages that relate to the Great Commission 118
8 The mechanics of the fulfillment of The Great Commission by the apostles 127
9 Has the doctrine that The Great Commission is limited to the apostles caused the growth of the Lord's church to decline? 137
10 The Great Commission and fellowship 145
  Appendix A - Chart illustrating what has been taught by some brethren on The Great Commission 153
  Appendix B - Definitions of the words translated: "world" 161
  Glossary 164
  Index of Scripture cited 167
  Charts 179